The Grace Group is proud to represent:

Friant creates environments that celebrate the unique strengths, skills, and styles of each individual:

  • The Collaborator
  • The Lone Wolf
  • The Sitters
  • The Standers
  • The Constant Re-Designers

While celebrating individuality, we also recognize the boundless potential of people working together. By providing modular, easily adaptable systems, each contribution is multiplied by the power of interconnectedness. Greatness is now possible.

At Friant, we look for ways to be greener by being smarter. For example, we wrap our pallets to minimize packing space and fuel costs for deliveries. The LED-sensory lights in our warehouse and factories save energy by working only when we need them. We've even found a way to use 40% more fabric from each roll, resulting in less landfill waste. All these things don't just make us greener. They make us smarter.

Friant products meet or exceed the California standards for composite wood products (CARB), putting us at the forefront of our industry in formaldehyde emissions standards.

Our fabrics are made of a blend of recycled polyester fibers and are applied in a direction that maximizes yardage per roll applied to the panel, not the landfill.

We strive to make sure your unique workplace is beautiful and flexible for the present and the future. We deliver when customers call.

Website: • (626) 399-1639